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International Women’s Day – Books With Strong Female Characters

It’s 8th March, meaning it is International Women’s Day! In honour of this day, I decided to compile a list of books that feature my favourite strong, female characters. So, without further a do…

Harry Potter

Judging Books By Their Covers

Harry Potter is just full of strong female characters! Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Lily Potter, Nymphandora Tonks, Ginny Weasley, and my personal favourite, Hermione Granger. The women in Harry Potter are amazing. Even the female villains, like Bellatrix Lestrange are strong. It’s an amazing series, but the amount of strong women make it even better.

The ACOTAR Series


The protagonist, Feyre, is just one of the powerful women in this book. There’s also Mor, Amren, Nessa, Elain, and countless others. One of the things that I love so much about this series is how strong and fearless the women are.

Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice is my favourite classic novel. It’s actually the one I chose to write about in my NEA for my English A Level. Care to guess what my NEA is on? Feminism. Once I had chosen that topic, I knew Pride and Prejudice would be the book I used. Elizabeth Bennett is one of my favourite fictional characters because of her strength and determination to do as she wants, not what is expected of her.



I think Min is wonderful. She is certainly a woman who deserves to be mentioned in this post. She’s strong, brave, flawed, and just an amazing character. I’m so excited to read more about her in the sequel to Nemesis. Not long now!

I Am Thunder


I read I Am Thunder in 2017, and it was definitely one of my favourite reads of the year. Muzna faces so much and still comes out a good person. I couldn’t not feature her on this list.

Children of Blood and Bone


Children of Blood and Bone is full of powerful women! Even if they’re not the main characters, we know they’re there. Zélie’s Mother and Mama Agba, for example. The two I really wanted to mention, however, were Zélie and Amari. Their character development throughout the book is outstanding. I just love it so much.

There are so so so many more that I could mention, but then this post would be way too long. Who are your favourite strong female characters in books?

-Books&Belle xx

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Guest Post From Emma: 5 Inspiring Harry Potter Females

5 Most Inspiring Harry Potter Females


So, Emma and I decided that we wanted to collaborate on a post together. We decided on guest posts sharing the most inspiring females from Harry Potter and Disney. I did Disney, and Emma did Harry Potter! If you want to check out who I think the most inspiring females from Disney are, head over to Em’s World.

Harry Potter may be the story of ‘the boy who lived’ but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of inspiring females! There are a couple that came close to making this list like Minerva McGonagall but I’ve chosen what I think are the 5 most inspiring Harry Potter females.

5. Luna

hermione and belle

Luna is my favourite character from the series because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She does what she wants and dresses how she wants which is a rare thing. She may not have many (or any) friends when we first meet her but that doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s always kind and a wonderful friend to Harry and she has such a great outlook on life and the world, even when it’s dark.

4. Tonks


Tonks is one of the most fun characters in the series (after Fred and George) and she brings joy and happiness to everyone around her with her shape-shifting. Tonks always follows her heart and doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. When Lupin tries to protect her from falling in love with him, she doesn’t take no for an answer. She sacrifices her life for her friends and so that her son, Teddy, can grow up in a Voldemort-free world.

3. Molly


Molly is the mother everyone wants, she’s kind and caring but can also be strict when she needs to be – her howler is one of my favourite scenes in the films! She’s one of the only mothering figures in Harry’s life (along with Professor McGonagall) and she cares for him like he’s her own. She will defend and protect her children by risking her own life and she’s extremely powerful, she would have to be to defeat Bellatrix!

2. Hermione

hermione and belle

Hermione is such an underrated character in my opinion. She may be annoying to some, but she’s an incredible role model and that can’t be denied. She works hard in school, is loyal to her friends and stands up for what she believes in. One of the things I really wish made it into the films is Hermione’s SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) campaign. It really shows how she fights for what she knows is right.

1. Lily


Lily just had to be number one on this list. She made the ultimate sacrifice for her baby and saved him with her love. Harry was known as the boy who lived, but this only happened because of Lily. When she gave her life in his place out of pure love, Voldemort’s killing curse rebounded off Harry which defeated Voldemort temporarily. Because she died willingly to protect her son, she was able to save him which ultimately saved the entire world.

Did you agree with this list? Let me know by tweeting me @Strictly_Emma!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

Harry Potter

Happy Birthday Hermione Granger


Today is September 19th, meaning that it is Hermione Granger’s birthday. To celebrate, I thought I’d share The Brightest Witch of Her Age’s top 10 quotes from the books/movies!


“I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.”

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this quote, but it’s still one of the best.


“Oh, HONESTLY, don’t you two read?”

(I think this about 12 times a day when I’m with my friends).


“At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in! They got in on pure talent!”



“Harry caught the fish and I did my best with it! I notice I’m always the one who ends up sorting out the food; because I’m a girl, I suppose!”

Hermione noticing gender stereotypes on not liking what she sees is great. Bet that was the last time that Ron complained about Hermione’s cooking!


“It’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules.”

This line never fails to make me smile.


“No, I’m not, I’m hoping to do some good in the world.”

I love this quote so much that I actually included a variation of it in my personal statement for university. It’s my cover photo on my personal Twitter, too. It’s definitely something I relate to!


“Actually, I’m highly logical, which allows me to look past the extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.”

She’s brilliant.


“I mean, you could claim that anything’s real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody’s proved it doesn’t exist!”



Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have!”

Another one that always makes me smile!


“Mudblood and proud of it.”

And so she should be.


So, there we have it. Happy Birthday to my favourite fictional character. No matter what wonderful actress plays her, she’s always brilliant!

-Books&Belle xx

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The Harry Potter Tag


Okay, so I was tagged by Britt to do the Harry Potter Tag, which I was very happy about as I’m a massive HP fan so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy doing this tag! On Britt’s post, she explained that Cassie at Zombie Goddess Beauty created this one, so I just wanted to credit her.

The general idea is to answer 18 Harry Potter themed questions, and then tag some fellow Peterhead’s to do the tag, too.


1. What house are you in?

Proud Slytherin right here! When I was taking the test on Pottermore I was hoping for either Slytherin or Gryffindor, not that there’s anything wrong with the other houses mind you, I just felt that I’d fit into one of these two quite well, and I wasn’t disappointed with my result.

2. What is your patronus?

A rag doll cat! I was also really happy when I got my patronus on Pottermore, not only because it is really cute, but because I love cats.

3. What is your wand?

Hazel wood, unicorn hair core, 11 ¾” in length, and reasonably supple flexibility is what Pottermore tells me.

4. What would your boggart be?

I expect mine would be the same as Molly Weasley’s. I’m absolutely terrified of losing the ones I love, and I always found her boggart awful.

5. What position would you play in Quidditch?

Seeker, I think. But who knows?! Perhaps that’s another Pottermore test J.K. Rowling could come up with!

6. Would you be a pureblood, half-blood or muggleborn?

So, like Britt who tagged me, and Cassie who created the tag, I’m going to go with your familiarity with the series being the deciding factor for your blood status:

Muggles: People who haven’t seen the movies or read the books

Muggle-borns: People who have only seen the movies

Half-bloods: People who have only read the books

Pure Bloods: People who have read the books and seen the movies

Deatheaters: Pure Bloods that look down on Muggle-borns

So, according to this, I’d be a pureblood.

7. What job would you want to have after graduating Hogwarts?

I’m going to saw an Auror, or at least something to do with magical law, as it’s law I’m interested in in real life, so I expect it would be the same in the Wizarding World.

8. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

The invisibility cloak, of course.

9. Favourite book?

I hate being asked this because I love every single book. However, if I did have to choose, I’d go with The Goblet of Fire.

10. Least favourite book?

As I said, I love them all, so this doesn’t mean that I don’t like this one, it just means I prefer the others a tad more. Order of Phoenix. It just took me a bit longer to read compared to the rest, it could be the length, I’m not sure. I still love it though!

11. Favourite film?

Again, Goblet of Fire.

12. Least favourite film?

Love them all, but Prisoner of Azkaban.

13. Favourite character?

Hermione Granger, 100000%. I think that she’s a wonderful role model, she teaches girls to be themselves and I think that’s great. There is a whole blog post on my blog about why she is my fictional role model, so you can check that out if you’re interested!

14. Least favourite/most hated character?

I don’t even think I can answer this. There’s plenty of characters I really hate. Dolores Umbridge, because ew. Peter Pettigrew, because he betrayed his friends. Lucius Malfoy, because for several reasons, he was an awful parent, a racist and a pretty selfish character. Cornelius Fudge, for trying to turn a blind eye to something that was so obvious. Bellatrix Lestrange, for torturing Neville’s parents and Hermione, plus murdering Sirius. I just can’t choose one, I’m afraid.

15. Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

I’m torn between Lupin and Mcgonagall here.

16. Least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

I’m going to go with Snape. I don’t hate him, but I can’t bring myself to like him, either. I think his cruelty towards his students was unnecessary. Neville was so scared of him, that Snape was his boggart. In my opinion, it’s just not right for a student to be terrified of their teacher. He redeemed himself somewhat, but I he’s still my least favourite teacher.

17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I don’t think I do. Could be wrong, though!

18. If you could save one character from the final battle, who would it be?

I’ve considered this before, and have always been stuck between Tonks, Lupin and Fred. Tonks and Lupin because they left a baby behind, and Fred because he was just so young and had so much life ahead of him. After reading Britt’s answer and thinking about it some more, I’d save Fred. Teddy still had family left to raise him, and I think it would break either of their hearts if they survived and their partner didn’t. Fred wasn’t finished in this world, so I’d bring him back. Plus, I imagine it would have been awful for George to loose a twin.

The Questions:

  1. What house are you in?
  2. What is your patronus?
  3. What is your wand?
  4. What would your boggart be?
  5. What position would you play in Quidditch?
  6. Would you be a pure blood, half blood or muggle born?
  7. What job would you want after to have after graduating Hogwarts?
  8. Which of the deathly hallows would you choose?
  9. Favourite book?
  10. Least favourite book?
  11. Favourite film?
  12. Least favourite film?
  13. Favourite character?
  14. Least favourite/most hated character?
  15. Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
  16. Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?
  17. Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?
  18. If you could save one character from the finale battle who would you save?

I Tag:

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I can’t wait to read everyones answers!

-Books&Belle xx



Harry Potter

Hermione Granger and The 5 Reasons I Love Her

Hermione Granger is my favourite fictional character ever, from any film, book, TV series. There are plenty of reasons that I love her character, but in this post, I’m going to discuss just five of them.

hermione and belle

1. She is an incredible role model for young girls

When you’re young, you’re taught by your peers at school that it’s uncool to want to learn, and you can often be made fun of for it. Hermione, however, just doesn’t care. She is curious about everything, and despite one of her teachers calling her an ‘insufferable know-it-all’, she carries on being curious and wanting to learn, which I think is an important lesson for any child. Young children, girls in particular, are also told not to be bossy. Now, I was a bossy child, I freely admit that, so seeing Hermione ignore those who tried to put her down really helped me to see I didn’t need to change either.

hermione and belle.jpg

2. She’s a bookworm, like me!!!

I love books enough to have a blog dedicated toward them, so I’m instantly drawn toward any character that shares my love for books. I’m pretty sure if Hermione was a real person, she’d be a fellow book blogger.

hermione and belle.jpg

3. She fights for what she believes in

Whether it’s punching Draco Malfoy in the face for being a git, starting S.P.E.W to help house elves or fighting in a war at such a young age to defend her blood status and fellow muggle-borns despite the danger, Hermione Granger fights like hell for what she believes in. She’s an extremely brave character!

hermione and belle.jpg

4. She is flawed

I think when a character is written to be flawless in both personality and appearance, it makes them unrealistic. Hermione has flaws in her appearance, she has frizzy hair and teeth that aren’t perfect (although this is fixed after Malfoy hexes her). She has flaws in her personality… She is unforgiving at points, she thinks that she knows best a lot of the time and she is very skeptical. These flaws make her a believable and lovable character, and without them, she wouldn’t be Hermione.

5. She taught me that it’s okay to be me


A lot of the traits Hermione has, I have too, which is probably why I love her so much. When I was younger, I got to the age of about 12, and started hiding certain things about me from people. I stopped reading so much, I focused more on what people thought of me, and a lot of the time, I kept my mouth shut about what I thought, especially at school. After discovering Harry Potter, and seeing Hermione, I started thinking, well why shouldn’t I let people know I like books? Why is it such a bad thing I’m a bit opinionated? Why can’t I do well in school, and why do I have to make out like I hate it here? Then, I stopped hiding all of these things about me, and instead I embraced them, and it made me a much happier person. Hermione Granger made me see that being me is okay, and for that, she’ll always be my favourite fictional character.

-Books&Belle xx