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A Bookish Wish (Twitter)

If you’ve been active on Twitter these past few days, and you’re a member of the book community, you’ll have probably noticed The #BookishWish hashtag floating about.

Now, what is this, you ask? It’s where bookworms compile a wish list of books that they’re wanting, and post them in the hashtag on Twitter. Then, if they’re lucky, a very generous fairy book mother, or father, will grant their wish! To give back, said bookworm might grant some other peoples wishes!

I absolutely love this hashtag, and think it really shows how wonderful and generous the book community is. Also, it has finally made me want to get around to sorting out my own books so that I can see what I can give. That is something I have needed to do for a while, but haven’t wanted to because I get really, really, really attached to my books. But knowing that they’ll be going to a book lover, like myself, who is going to enjoy them makes it that much easier.

I’ve also seen international readers having their wishes granted, which makes me so happy! As far as I know, a lot of the time, they miss out on physical copies due to stupidly expensive shipping. But the very clever fairy godmothers and godfathers have found a way around that – Book Depository! I also saw someone on Twitter (I can’t find their Tweet to credit them, but if I do I’ll edit this post!) suggest asking international readers if there is a local bookshop that they can purchase their wish from, which I thought was a really good idea.

I just think that this hashtag really shows who we are as a community, and has united a lot of us together. I know that I’ve met new people thanks to it! So, I just want to thank whoever started the wonderful idea, and bring attention to how amazing everyone is in our lovely community!

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-Books&Belle xx

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