Book Review: Evalene’s Number by Bethany Atazadeh (Spoiler-Free!)



Everyone in Eden is assigned a Number, tattooed on their neck, which determines their value and place in the world.

On her Numbering Day, Evalene Vandereth anticipates joining the élite. Born in an upper-class family, she knows exactly who she is and what she is worth. Even as the needle breaks her skin, she is blissfully happy. She never considers another outcome, until it’s too late.

Now 18-year-old Evalene lives in fear, struggling with her new identity, stripped of her freedom and basic human rights. Can she escape her Number? Is anyone else asking the same question?

Fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent will love Evalene’s Number and its incredible dystopian tale.


I was sent this book to review a while ago now, and I wish I had read it sooner, because I loved it. I read it in only three sittings. There were definitely similarities to The Hunger Games, however, Evalene’s Number is without a doubt unique. The plot and characters were both written really well, and I loved Atazadeh’s writing style.

The point of view switched between Evalene and Jeremiah, which I liked, as it allows the reader to see the dystopian world that they live in through the eyes of more than just one character. Evalene was definitely my favourite character in the book. You can see clear character development from when she was the child of a high Number before the age of 13, to being the 18 year old she is now. What made her so likeable to me is her strength. It must take incredible willpower to keep going after everything she has faced. The mistreatment, neglect, and betrayals would have, in my opinion, brought most people raised the way that she was down. Jeremiah, I liked for the same reasons, his strength and bravery. He was still kind, despite everything that he had endured, which I know can be rare, seeing as hurt people, hurt people. The relationship between these two characters is promising too, and I’m hoping to see more of it (desperately, desperately hoping) in the next book. I also want to mention Olive, she is the type of friend that I want. She’s lovely!

The plot kept me hooked, too. The suspense at certain points was almost unbearable. I had to actually put the book down and take a break as I was so worried at one point! I came back to it pretty quickly, however. I needed to know what happened. I think the way that inequalities between the Numbers is written is so relevant to inequalities in our own society, too. Oh, and the ending! I’ve been left on a massive cliffhanger, and honestly? I just want to jump off if it’ll mean finding out what happens next. It’s safe to say I am very eager to read the next book, Pearl’s Number.

I give this book 5 stars. This is the second book this year I’ve given five stars to, I think that might mean 2018 is going to be a good reading year for me!


Bethany also signed my copy of Evalene’s Number, which I was really happy about!


-Books&Belle xx


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