Top 5 Villains From Horrors/Thrillers – Haunted Halloween Hop


So, as you’re all probably well aware, Halloween is coming up! To celebrate this, Jessica over at Reading With Jessica had the idea of the Haunted Halloween Hop. There are 10 of us participating, spreading over 10 days from my post today, the 22nd, to Halloween, the 31st, so make sure you check out the daily posts! Each post will be Halloween themed, which brings me onto my post – Top 5 Villains From Horrors/Thrillers.

1. Annie Wilkes from Misery by Stephen King


Annie Wilkes is… scary. She scares me. She’s the type of person that seems friendly, but is actually a complete psychopath. The things she does to Sheldon in the book, both physically and psychologically, are horrifying. She’s definitely one of the first villains that comes to mind, because there’s a chance of someone like her being real. She’s not supernatural, very sick people like her do exist, which is what scares me the most.

2. Joe from Lying About Last Summer


I wanted to include a YA villain on this list, because that is what a lot of the books that I read are, but I don’t tend to read YA Thrillers or Horrors. This is actually one of the only ones! He’s a well-written villain, thats for sure. I was suspicious of him throughout the whole book, and the things he did and who he did them to made me so angry. I despised him whilst reading, but I guess that was the authors intention!

3. Francesca from Local Girl Missing


Local Girl Missing is one of my all-time favourite Thrillers, and the villain, Francesca, was brilliant. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that you can’t help but like her at the start. But then all of the awful things she did to people she was supposed to care about came to light.

4. Adam from The Second Sister


Adam made my skin crawl. He was charming and able to gain the trust of people like Ella, which was what scared me the most about him, because again, people like him do actually exist.

Pennywise from IT


I don’t even need to write anything about this villain. Clowns are so creepy. Clowns who eat children? Even creepier!

If you want to follow along with our Haunted Halloween Hop, heres the schedule:


22nd – My day.
23rd – Linda from Linda’s Little Library.
24th – Danielle from The Introverted Book Nerd.
25th – Jessica from Reading With Jessica.
26th – Kris from Boston Book Reader.
27th – Fernanda from The Wanderlust Reader.
28th – Diana from The Bookish Sisters.
29th – Sarah from Book Hooked Nook.
30th – Nicole from Boundless Bookaholic.
31st – Maggie from The Caramel Files.

-Books&Belle xx


33 thoughts on “Top 5 Villains From Horrors/Thrillers – Haunted Halloween Hop

  1. Yay, great first post! I’m not really into horror books, and sometimes not even thrillers, but I’m sure these are great recommendations! Pennywise is super creepy. *shudders*

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  2. I haven’t read any of these since I’m not a fan of horror/thriller books but it looks like these villains are creepy af and horrible. Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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