Stephen King Haul


So, over the weekend I acquired six new Stephen King books, and the best part was, I didn’t have to even spend a penny for any of them!


The first one I’m going to mention is Misery by Stephen King. I was out for lunch with my Nan and Dad, and my Nan and I were talking about books. I told her that I wanted to read Misery, and both her and my Dad said how good it was. About ten minutes later, my Nan got up to “go to the toilet” and took absolutely ages! When she finally cam back, she came from the wrong direction and had a Waterstones bag in her hand. She gave it to me, and inside was Misery.

Later on back at her house, she was up in her room whilst my Dad and I were watching TV, and when she came down, she had a pile of hardback Stephen King books with her, which she gave to me.

She also wrote down the names of all of the Stephen King books I have so that she doesn’t get me any I’ve already got. She’s so lovely!

-Books&Belle xx


42 thoughts on “Stephen King Haul

  1. Wow what an amazing Nan. I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King but a coworker is a fan and I wouldn’t mind reading Misery or Doctor Sleep. I’ve read The Shining and Pet Semetary and Carrie loved them. But Dream Catcher I hated. Then this yr or last I tried Firestarter and I couldn’t get into it. So I gave up on his books again but he is a talented writer it’s just my preference. I might’ve just read the wrong ones. I like Cell to though felt the middle was off. Sorry didn’t intend a speech there. I must try his books again. Do you plan on reviewing them? Tempted to read Misery myself

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  2. I love Stephen King. I’m slowly working on building up my collection. I still need to get The Stand and Hearts in Atlantis. I have the other ones! My mom and my best friend did the same thing as your Nan and took a list of what ones I have as well so they can pick up ones I don’t have for me! We have pretty great family and friends!

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  3. I’ve been intrigued by Stephen King for a while, especially as he has such a focus on characters. My parents read some of him a while ago, and I’ve had The Shining and Misery on my Kindle for a couple years, and I really want to read IT now after seeing the new movie. I guess I just am a bit intimidated by the size or not in the spooky mood to pick them up yet!

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