Book Review – Murder At First Sight by Claire Taylor (Spoiler-Free!)



Woken by the horrific image of a young girl being killed, Felicity Lawrence puts it down to nothing but a terrible nightmare.

But when the body of the same girl is found a week later, Felicity feels she has no choice but to contact the police.

Although initially sceptical, police officer Noah Bennett trusts his instincts and hears Felicity out.

Before long, theyโ€™re caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a sadistic killer whoโ€™ll stop at nothing to satisfy his bloodlust.


This was a very quick read for me, it only has 150 pages, and I read it all in one sitting. It was easy to follow, which I liked, some of the time when I’m reading a Thriller, there will be things said that I’ve completely missed, and I’ll have to re-read the chapter, so I liked the simplicity of this one.

Felicity, the main character, seems like the type of girl I’d like to be friends with if she were real. Her determination to save the unknown girl she saw in her dream, despite the danger it put her in, really shows how selfless she was and I find that very admirable. There was a bit of insta-love with her and the police officer, Noah Bennett, which put me off a bit, but I was able to overlook that. Felicity’s relationship with her friend, Ella, was one I liked more. You could tell that they really cared for one another.

There was something different done in this book that I liked. Every couple of chapters, you found yourself reading from the perspective of the killer at different point of his life, which was interesting. I found myself reading on just so I could read another one of these chapters.

If you’ve read my reviews of other Thrillers, you’ll know that I play a little game with myself where I try and predict the ending whilst I’m reading. I did predict the killer quite early on in this book, but I didn’t mind as like I said, it was a quick read, so too many complications would have taken the simplicity of the book away.

The only thing that had me a bit confused was her dreams. I might be mistaken, but I don’t think it was explained why she dreamt what she did, other than her being psychic (which I wasn’t sure if she was joking about?) so that could have been made a bit clearer. I hope to read more about Felicity in the future, as there are a few loose ends and unanswered questions, which I think were intentional!

Overall, this was a fast-paced, enjoyable read, and I give the book 3 stars.


Iโ€™d like to thank Claire Taylor for sending me a copy of Murder At First Sight in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

-Books&Belle xx


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