Blog Tour: A Review of Enshrine by Kay Bennson

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So, I’m lucky enough to be participating in the blog tour for Enshrine written by Kay Bennson. I read this book as an e-copy, which I don’t usually do as I prefer physical copies, but Enshrine intrigued me so much that I had to make an exception, and I’m definitely glad that I did.


When Sage Wolfe is accidentally mistaken for a peace offering, her world turns upside down. Dayton, the young, handsome, and insane King of Rosementh whisks her away to his castle to be his bride with the promise that he can give her the world and anything she desires. These offers becoming tainted as Dayton’s true colors show themselves; he is cruel and violent and Sage vows to run away or die trying.

Just when Sage thinks she is hitting rock bottom, a hooded stranger named Jonathan Kreider comes to the castle. He doesn’t say much but his actions speak for themselves. Not only can he wield a sword or shoot an arrow better than most of Dayton’s men, but he always seems to be a step behind Sage, and though it should terrify her, for the first time Sage finds herself filling with hope.

Sage is faced with a choice. Should she run away from the wicked king who took her away from her family? Or should she stay to learn more about the man who lurks in the shadows, the man that makes her heart race and almost makes suffering Dayton’s wrath worthwhile? Sage is about to discover that nothing is as it seems and everyone has secrets; Dayton, the man that calls himself Jonathan Kreider, and even herself.


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“The fire was still there, contained in her heart, and she wondered what would happen when it would no longer be curbed.”

This book is set in a time before modern technology, when it took days, sometimes weeks, to travel somewhere that would only take a few hours today. This was the first thing I liked about this book, it was refreshing to read about a time where technology wasn’t about to make everything just that bit easier for the characters.

The character development for the main character, Sage Wolfe, is also brilliant. You really do see her transform from this innocent and child-like girl, to a compliant and scared prisoner, to a strong woman who won’t take crap from anybody. A lot of the time in books I read, I’ll think to myself ‘nobody can change that much in that amount of time’ but that wasn’t the case here. Sage’s development over time is amazing, and I applaud Kay Bennson for it.

Onto other characters, I really did connect with them. From loving and rooting for Sage, to despising Dayton and pitying Martin and Nev. Oh, and I can’t not mention the hooded stranger, Jonathan! He was so mysterious that I couldn’t stop reading. I actually read the book in one sitting! I had to know his secrets, and I was not one bit disappointed with them when they were finally revealed.

The plot was good, however, there was one major thing (that I can’t mention as this is a spoiler-free review) that I thought was a bit off, and lacked common sense. The brilliant characters and otherwise flaw-free plot did make up for this though, and I’d recommend Enshrine to Fantasy lovers, particularly those that enjoyed the ACOTAR series, as I did see one or two similarities between the two.

Overall, I give Enshrine four stars.

“She was not tamed, and her fire was not out. It was still there, and hissed in retaliation.”

You can pick up a copy of Enshrine on or Barnes & Noble.


Author Bio:

Carroll_KayBenson-Web-4796 Kay Bennson is from Northwestern Connecticut where she lives with her husband. She doesn’t remember a time where she wasn’t writing stories (in fact, some of her best ideas were forged in high school classes and at part time jobs). When she isn’t writing, she is a competitive Irish Dancer. Enshrine is her first novel.

You can find Kay Bennson online here:

Website | Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Goodreads


Thank you to Writerly Yours for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour and review Enshrine.

-Books&Belle xx

27 thoughts on “Blog Tour: A Review of Enshrine by Kay Bennson

  1. Hi, I’m also part of this blog tour and I’ve already finished the book! I saw a statement on your review in which I’m utterly curious about: “The plot was good, however, there was one major thing (that I can’t mention as this is a spoiler-free review) that I thought was a bit off, and lacked common sense.”

    Will there be any way for me to know what’s your particular thought on that? 😀 you may find me on twitter! @czarinaxalyza ❤

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  2. Ooh I’ve never read fantasy but I love the way you’ve described the leading lady Sage, I kind of want to read the book just to know more about her. I really love your posts as even though I wouldn’t have thought about reading the majority of these things before, you’ve really made me think about and gain an interest into diving into new areas of reading so thank you for that!
    Alice Xx

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