Buying Books From Charity Shops


There seems to be a lot of judgement toward those who shop in charity shops, especially from people around my age group. This is something that I don’t understand. Do people not realise how cheap the books are in there?! And a lot of the time, there are some amazing finds, a lot of the time I’m really shocked about what I find.

What inspired this post is my most recent trip to the charity shop to see what books I could discover. I haven’t been for a few months, which is just pure laziness on my end, plus I’ve been a little bit busy with exams, my birthday, and Rome. I brought three books, and they came to £5.50, and I’m really excited to read them.

Book Number 1 – Twilight – £1.50


I read the Twilight Saga years ago now, but I was only about 11 or 12 years old, so I’ve been meaning to re-read the books and refresh my memory for a few months now. So when I saw the first book in the charity shop for only £1.50, I couldn’t resist.

Book Number 2 – Red Queen – £2.00


I couldn’t resist this one, either. (When can I resist a good book, though?!) I’ve heard so many people from Bookstagram and the Book Blogging community say how amazing this series is, so I decided quite some time ago I was going to read it. I had planned to wait until I’d finished some more books on my TBR, but seeing it for only £2.00 definitely put a stop to that plan.

Book Number 1 – Matched – £2.00


My English teacher mentioned this book a while back, and it intrigued me then, but I sort of just… forgot about it. So I’m happy I saw it in the charity shop and brought it because it does look very interesting!


I’m also going to mention the book my sister brought from the same shop. I dragged her along with me because someone needs to hold my stuff while I browse. She kept nagging at me to hurry up, but she quickly stopped that when I found her this book. Whilst she’s not a big reader, she loves Michael Morpurgo, and has since she was about 8. (She’s 12 now!)

Running Wild – £4.00


This one was a tiny bit more expensive, but I’m guessing that it’s because it’s a hardback rather than a paperback. As soon as I saw it on the shelf, I knew my sister would want it, and it stopped her whinging, so it was a win-win situation.

So, there it is, my mini book haul from the charity shop. If you don’t already buy books from charity shops, I definitely recommend it. We looked in Waterstones before and it was £7.99 for one book! From the charity shop, I got three books for three pounds less than that!

If you’ve found any amazing finds in charity shops I’d love to hear about them!

_Books&Belle xx


43 thoughts on “Buying Books From Charity Shops

  1. i LOVE buying books in charity shops! in my village there’s a specific charity bookshop and it’s literally my favourite shop near me. plus i can go in there and spend £8 on 4/5 books, or go next door into smiths and spend that on one book…i know which i’d rather do! 😂
    i love this post!!

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  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from charity shops!! At any age, I bloody love them haha, admittedly I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book from one although I did used to buy super cheap books from a shop called ‘head’ which has now shut down, i found my favourite ever book in there, ‘girl, missing’ and it’s sequel ‘sister, missing’, both for £3 brand new, bargain!
    Alice Xx

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  3. No idea why people are weird about it, I’d have barely any books if charity shops weren’t around! My favourite book shop is a charity shop and every book is 10p! I’ve bought so many brilliant books there! ✨

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  4. charity shops are by far my favorite place to find books! we went to one a few weeks ago and got loads of books for the children! when they go back im probably going back for myself 😛 it always reminds me of going on holiday as we would hit a charity shop for something to read because england and the weather…

    best place imo!

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  5. You’re right, there is kind of a stigma! I like used books if I can check them out first just in case (I don’t like ordering used online), and I’ve got a cool local (to my college) used bookstore. The problem is, you can’t acquire TOO much or your TBR gets so much longer!

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  6. It goes to show you that a person should never think anything is beneath them. The other day I was at the mall shopping and I saw a kiosk stand filled with books. I looked through them for at least half an hour, then only later after buying a book someone told me that the books were second hand. I couldn’t believe it! I mean the condition all the books looked were basically brand new! Thank you for bringing awareness about this 🙂

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