When In Rome…


So, it was my 18th birthday on Saturday, and because it’s a ‘big’ birthday, my mum paid for me to go to Rome as a present! I went with my friend, and we had an amazing time. We saw so much and loved everything about it. This post isn’t strictly about books, but I wanted to explain why I have been so inactive recently!


I was obviously very busy exploring Rome, so I didn’t have any time to get any blogging done, unfortunately. I did get to finish reading Odd & True by Cat Winters, though, so the review for that will be up in the next few days! It was really lovely reading it whilst sat on the beach, despite the fact that I felt like I was going to melt!


Odd & True is an ARC that was sent to me that I was very excited to read, and it didn’t disappoint, but like I said, the review will be up shortly.

Sorry that this has been such a short post, but I only just got back from Rome so I’m shattered!

-Books&Belle xx


28 thoughts on “When In Rome…

  1. Looks like you had a great time! I’m part Italian and really want to visit Italy sometime! I love visiting historical places and seeing all the architecture

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  2. glad you have had such a nice time away, taking time out, even for a holiday is always great for the mind! if i wasnt so worried about travel id love to go to Rome

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