Bookmarks – A Collab Post 

Today’s post is a little different. I tweeted out about a week ago asking if anyone was interested in a collab post, and the lovely Penny at PebblePen.blogspot.com got back to me with a wonderful idea… Free printable bookmarks! It was then decided that we should get some more people on board so that we’d have a range of genres and different bloggers favourite books from their chosen genre. 

The idea was that we’d choose a genre, and then four of our favourite book from that genre would feature on the bookmarks.

I chose Thriller and Fantasy, my two favourite genres. Fantasy was also a choice of Penny’s, so we decided which books would go on that bookmark together.

                 My Printable Bookmarks

I’d like to thank Penny for taking the time to make these bookmarks for me and all of the bloggers involved in this project!

    Here are all of the other bookmarks:

            The other bloggers involved:

Fiction – Bookish Betsy (Betsy) – http://bookishbetsy.wordpress.com 
Classics – Love Serially (Christine) – http://loveserially.wordpress.com 

Poetry – Fables and Tea (Hannah) – http://fablesandteawriting.wordpress.com 

LGBTQIA – Magical Reader (Lori) – https://majesticreadingblog.wordpress.com/ 

Fantasy – Books and Belle (Paige) – https://booksandbelleblog.wordpress.com/ & Pebblepen (Penny) – https://pebblepen.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Magical Realism – The Introverted Book Nerd (Danielle) – https://theintrovertedbooknerd.wordpress.com/ 

Romance – Little thoughts from little people (Eleanor) – …http://littlethoughtsfromlittlepeople.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Sci-fi – Pebblepen (Penny) – https://pebblepen.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Thriller – Books and Belle (Paige) – https://booksandbelleblog.wordpress.com/ 

Historical – The Introverted Book Nerd (Danielle) https://theintrovertedbooknerd.wordpress.com/ & Pebblepen (Penny) – https://booksandbelleblog.wordpress.com/ 

Horror– All the Bright Places Blog (Beth) – http://allthebrightplaces.co.uk 

I’ve read over this post, and not seen any spelling mistakes, but if you spot any please excuse them. I’ve had my nails done today for the first time in 2 years and I’m struggling to type. It’s very annoying!

-Books&Belle xx


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