Top Ten Fictional Characters

There are lots of fictional characters that I adore. So many that I can’t even begin to count them, however, in this post I’m going to talk about just 10 of them.

Hermione Granger


I’ve done a whole blog post about why I love her character, so I won’t say anything more about Hermione!

Feyre Archerson

untitled.pngCredit for this amazing artwork goes to the artist, I can’t make out the signature, so if anyone knows who it is please leave a comment. I’d love to see more of their work! As for Feyre, she’s one of my favourite characters for several reasons. Her strength, her development, her courage, her loyalty. I could go on and on about the things I admire about her!

Klaus Mikaelson

hermione and belle.jpg

So, I know that he’s a villain in The Vampire Diaries, and definitely has many flaws, I still love him. If you’ve watched The Originals, you’ll see why.

Caroline Forbes


Another character from TVD! I like Caroline mostly because you can really see how much she changes for the better throughout the seasons. She also makes me laugh with her sassiness.

Elizabeth Bennet

hermione and belle.jpg

Elizabeth Bennet, to me, is a very inspiring character. She didn’t just conform to what was expected of her as a woman in the time that the book is set, instead she is just herself. She’s an admirable character who I’ve loved since reading Pride and Prejudice.

Harry Potter

hermione and belle.jpg

How could I not have The Boy Who Lived on this list? Not only is he the main character in my favourite series of books and movies, but he is also a great character. Oh, and it’s his (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday today, so Happy Birthday! I’d also like to give Ron Weasley a little mention here, can’t leave him out.

Spencer Reid

hermione and belle.jpg

Spencer is funny without meaning to be, which makes whatever he’s said even more funny. Plus, have you seen how fast he can read? Super jealous.



I love Belle enough to name my blog after her, and have done since I was little and first watched the movie. I had the dress-up dress of hers that according to my parents, I adored. I’ve always been able to relate to Belle, and she’s another character, along with Hermione, who if they were real would definitely be a part of the book blogging community! My love for her grew even more when I watched my favourite actress do her wonderful justice in the live action version.


hermione and belle.jpg

Again, credit goes to the artist. If anyone know who said artist is, please leave a comment! I think that anyone who has ever read the ACOTAR series loves Rhys. He’s the opposite of Tamlin, who SUCKS, and he and Feyre compliment eachother so well. He sacrificed SO much for those he loves, and has my respect for it.

Luna Lovegood

hermione and belle.jpgI think that Luna is a great character simply because she doesn’t care what other people think of her. I wish this was a trait I had, and I’m definitely working on it, something that Luna inspired me to do!

Do you have any favourite characters?

-Books&Belle xx


45 thoughts on “Top Ten Fictional Characters

  1. klaus and spencer are two of my favourite characters of all time 😍 this is such a great post paige! i love hearing about people’s favourite characters!! xxx


  2. Caroline and Klaus are my absolute faves from TVD/TO too! Bonnie is also incredible and one of the strongest characters from TVD! I have so many fave characters but pretty much every clone from Orphan Black (even Rachel!) Lip Gallagher from Shameless US, Jughead Jones from Archie Comics/Riverdale (even though he’s very different in each adaptation) and Harley Quinn are some characters in my top ten list!

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  3. I’m not sure if it really counts but my favourite character of all time is probably Chandler Bing from friends haha!! Totally agree with Belle and I also love Ariel too, they’re definitely my fave Disney princesses!
    Alice Xx

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      1. Unlike your traditional ‘villians’ as depicted in SO many books and movies, I feel as though she is a much more real, honest depiction of the evil that exists within so many of us. The confusing, messy, and even at times well intentioned evil that we carry deep down. For example, if the book was written from her point of view, sharing what I believe were her true feelings for Voldemort as they referenced briefly a few times, I think it would paint a totally different picture of her, raising a different set of feelings from many about why she chose what she did. I just find her to be ‘real’… if that makes any sense hahaha

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  4. Oh I don’t know if I could narrow it down! I love so many characters! You’ve got a great selection here, I love TVD & Harry Potter! Both have such brilliant characters in. – I saw someone mention Clary Fray up in the comments, she’s another brilliant character!

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      1. I’d put that series up there in my top 5. She has a prequel to The Mortal Instruments, called The Infernal Devices (which I actually read first) and they intertwine in places which is really cool! Both amazing series 🙂

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  5. Hmmm I notice a bit of a pattern here with some of the characters! XD I like how you included TV characters because honestly that’s where a lot of my favorites come from. I think it’s because I can spend so much time with them.

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  6. Some of my favourite characters mentioned here! I also love Klaus and Caroline and I’m really hoping Caroline comes to town in the final season and Klaus and her get together!
    Also love Luna, Harry and Hermionie!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


  7. I love Rhysand so much. I’m glad he’s on your list. Luna, Hermione and Harry are a perfect HP combination. I don’t know much about Stefan cos I haven’t watched TVD but I’m sure he’s a good addition too.

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