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Hermione Granger and The 5 Reasons I Love Her

Hermione Granger is my favourite fictional character ever, from any film, book, TV series. There are plenty of reasons that I love her character, but in this post, I’m going to discuss just five of them.

hermione and belle

1. She is an incredible role model for young girls

When you’re young, you’re taught by your peers at school that it’s uncool to want to learn, and you can often be made fun of for it. Hermione, however, just doesn’t care. She is curious about everything, and despite one of her teachers calling her an ‘insufferable know-it-all’, she carries on being curious and wanting to learn, which I think is an important lesson for any child. Young children, girls in particular, are also told not to be bossy. Now, I was a bossy child, I freely admit that, so seeing Hermione ignore those who tried to put her down really helped me to see I didn’t need to change either.

hermione and belle.jpg

2. She’s a bookworm, like me!!!

I love books enough to have a blog dedicated toward them, so I’m instantly drawn toward any character that shares my love for books. I’m pretty sure if Hermione was a real person, she’d be a fellow book blogger.

hermione and belle.jpg

3. She fights for what she believes in

Whether it’s punching Draco Malfoy in the face for being a git, starting S.P.E.W to help house elves or fighting in a war at such a young age to defend her blood status and fellow muggle-borns despite the danger, Hermione Granger fights like hell for what she believes in. She’s an extremely brave character!

hermione and belle.jpg

4. She is flawed

I think when a character is written to be flawless in both personality and appearance, it makes them unrealistic. Hermione has flaws in her appearance, she has frizzy hair and teeth that aren’t perfect (although this is fixed after Malfoy hexes her). She has flaws in her personality… She is unforgiving at points, she thinks that she knows best a lot of the time and she is very skeptical. These flaws make her a believable and lovable character, and without them, she wouldn’t be Hermione.

5. She taught me that it’s okay to be me


A lot of the traits Hermione has, I have too, which is probably why I love her so much. When I was younger, I got to the age of about 12, and started hiding certain things about me from people. I stopped reading so much, I focused more on what people thought of me, and a lot of the time, I kept my mouth shut about what I thought, especially at school. After discovering Harry Potter, and seeing Hermione, I started thinking, well why shouldn’t I let people know I like books? Why is it such a bad thing I’m a bit opinionated? Why can’t I do well in school, and why do I have to make out like I hate it here? Then, I stopped hiding all of these things about me, and instead I embraced them, and it made me a much happier person. Hermione Granger made me see that being me is okay, and for that, she’ll always be my favourite fictional character.

-Books&Belle xx




52 thoughts on “Hermione Granger and The 5 Reasons I Love Her

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Hermione has always been my hero, ever since I was 9 and went to school on non-uniform day dressed in her Yule Ball gown (unfortunately in pink, not periwinkle blue 🙄) and got some funny looks. ❤️

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  2. I love Hermione too, she has to be one of my favourite characters! I can relate to her a lot too. I dressed up as her for Halloween one year! Great post!

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  3. I really like this post, Belle! Hermione is a great character. I feel like one of the most important characters for me personally is Luna Lovegood. I think that she, more than anyone, teaches you it’s okay to be yourself and there’s nothing wrong with being different. But I agree with everything you said here.

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  4. Totally agree that JK Rowling has written her as an incredible role model for young ladies! And I also don’t think they could’ve cast someone better to play her in the films either!
    Alice Xx

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  5. Awww Hermione. I love near the end of Book 5 where she’s all upset about something she knows she answered wrong on one of her OWLS and Ron’s like “it was just one question!” but she was JUST LIKE ME. She inspired me a lot as I got to middle school, but I’m so glad I’ve moved beyond some of the academic perfectionism because it came to define me. I think she does, too.

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