The Newbie Tag

As I have only just recently launched my book blog, I thought one of the first posts I write should be a post that lets people get to know me. So, after extensive research, (5 minutes browsing other Book Blogs and Google) I found The Newbie Tag! I qualify for this, as I’m a newbie, so it’s perfect.

So, lets begin!

Question One: Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog for several reasons:
  • I love reading
  • I love books
  • The encouragement from Bookstagram friends
  • I enjoy writing (although I don’t aspire to be an author).
  • I thought it’d be a great way to meet other bookworms like myself

Question Two: What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

Okay, I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I lowkey wanted to skip this question as I have absolutely no idea how to answer it. But I’m not going to do that, because then I wouldn’t be fully completing the tag.
What fun and unique things can I bring to book blogging? I don’t really know what’s unique in this community yet, as I’ve been here for only about 48 hours, so I could think that I’m being unique, and discover that I’m really not. Fun, though? Well, I’m pretty damn good at ranting about fictional characters I despise (Tamlin, Umbridge, I’m looking at you two here.) which I suppose could be amusing for some.
I have the whole Summer to think of ways to be fun and unique, so I’ll have to get back to you on this one, I’m afraid.

Question Three: What are you most excited for about this new blog?

This is going to sound cheesy and cliché, but meeting new book friends! All my friends that I haven’t met through Bookstagram or on the internet rarely ever read, so I never have anyone to fangirl or rant to about books and fictional characters! So I guess that’s another thing I’m excited about, having a platform that revolves around books, books, and more books!

Question Four: Why do you love reading?

I could write an essay answering this question, but I’d probably bore anyone who read it, so I’m not going to do that. I love reading simply because it provides an escape. If I’m having a bad day and am annoyed at the world, I can open a book and dive into a new world. Reading is my addiction, and my mum has told me plenty of times that she would rather me spend all of my time and money reading buying books to satisfy my addiction, than spend it all on drugs and alcohol and constantly finding myself in trouble.

Question Five: What book series got you into reading?

There isn’t one. I’ve loved reading since I learnt how to at a young age, and there is no way I remember what books I used to read then. I do remember loving Jaqueline Wilson books when I was about 9, but my love for reading began waaaaaay before that.

Question Six: What would you ask your favourite authors?


Question Seven: What challenges do you think will be hard to overcome when starting your blog?

Sticking to a schedule, definitely. I go through stages of having nothing to do and then all of a sudden being really busy, so there’s that. Also, finding inspiration to write might be one.

Question Eight: When did you start reading?

I was born with a book clutched in my hands. Joking, obviously. I can’t really remember, whenever the school started teaching us, so about 4 or 5, I guess?

Question Nine: Where do you read?

If you follow my Bookstagram, you’ll know that I read a lot in my back garden. I also read in my bedroom a lot. I’ll read anywhere, though!

Question Ten: What kinds of books do you like?

I’ll read anything that catches my eye, but my favourite genres are Fantasy and Thrillers. Oh, I also prefer paperbacks to hardbacks and kindles.

Welp, that’s The Newbie Tag done!

Books&Belle xx

32 thoughts on “The Newbie Tag

  1. Ah I don't think you sound cheesy at all! I definitely need a book friend – I'm terrible at reading recently I think it would be way more fun to get into it with someone else!! How come you don't want to write for a career?


  2. Welcome to the blogging world, girl! This was such a cute post to get to know you, I LOVE to read and tend to do it in short bursts where I'll read like 3/4 books in a week then won't have time to read anything for a month or two so I can't wait to see what recommendations you have! Looking forward to the next post!
    Alice Xx


  3. Omg your answer to question 6 made me laugh! This is such a great tag to get to know you better! Your blog is so pretty and I can't believe you've just started blogging! Can't wait for future posts! Marie xx


  4. Awww great post! Welcome to the blogging world! Looking forward to reading your reviews! I was obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson books too pretty sure I've still got some on my book self!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


  5. Welcome to blogging! It's great fun and I've really been back at blogging for not even a month so I would say I am a regenerated newbie! I was wondering actually, what book series or book would you recommend I read? I'm struggling to find something new to read ATM so any suggestions are welcome! If you can message me on Twitter with ideas I would love this! My twitter is: @va_victoriaanne


  6. I love these tags as it is an amazing way to get to know a blogger. I used to love reading but have gradually gotten out of the habit of reading books as I have gotten older however I hope to change this habit. Can't wait to read your book reviews and hopefully find new ones for myself xxx


  7. Ayee it was lovely getting to know you. I've been thinking of starting a blog of my own but I'm an awful procastinator so I'm not sure. But seeing you excited over yours does motivate me ��. Anyways, good luck with this blog. 🙂


  8. I just started a book blog too, yesterday .-. (its in greek though) and i was checking other book blogs for ispirarion xD ssshhhhh dont judge! I might do the newbie tag too because why the heck not!


  9. hey I am new here too 🙂 Just launched my blog on 14th July, that was my birthday. I think this is a great tag to start. I am subscribing your blog for some more fun. Its great to meet you here and on bookstagram too.


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